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The Creation Activity Book for Beginners

How did God make the earth? Where did everything come from? Kids ages 3-7 will LOVE learning about the story of Creation with this hands-on The Creation Activity Book for...

Bible Word Search Activity Book for Beginners

Travel story-by-story through Bible lands and times! Children ages 6-8 will LOVE learning about the Bible with our Bible Word Search Activity Book for Beginners. Packed with 100 Bible story puzzles to...

Daniel and the Lions Activity Book

Despite the prophet Jeremiah's warnings, the Hebrew people continue to disobey God. And God is not pleased. He allows their enemies to destroy Jerusalem and take the Hebrews back to...

Road to Damascus Activity Book

Let’s step back in time and learn about Paul’s famous journey to Damascus! Who did the apostle Paul meet on the road to Damascus? How did his life dramatically change? Kids...

The Life of Joseph Activity Book

Joseph is given a special coat as a sign of his father’s love. Filled with jealousy, Joseph's brothers sell him into slavery. After years in prison, Joseph rises to power...

King Solomon Activity Book

At a time when kings ruled the land of Israel, there lived a wise king named Solomon. God made him the greatest king in the world. But as Solomon grew...

Paul's Shipwreck Activity Book

The religious leaders in Jerusalem trembled with fury. The apostle Paul used to be one of them. But since his trip to Damascus, Paul now taught that Yeshua was the...

Battle of Jericho Activity Book

Let’s step back in time and learn about Joshua and the Battle of Jericho! How did the Israelites cross the wilderness to conquer the Promised Land? Kids ages 6-12 will LOVE...

Noah's Ark Activity Book

Bring the famous story of Noah's Ark to life with our hands-on Noah's Ark Activity Book! Packed with lesson plans, fun activities, coloring pages, crafts and puzzles to help educators...

He is Risen! Activity Book

The religious leaders in Jerusalem rub their hands together, and smile. Their wicked plan to have Yeshua (Jesus) put to death has worked. This famous teacher from the Galilee will soon...

Esther Activity Book

The king of Persia needs a new queen! King Ahasuerus searches for a new bride. A beautiful Hebrew girl named Esther catches his eye. She is quickly chosen as the...

Birth of the King Activity Book

King Herod is troubled, and all of Jerusalem with him. Who is this child born the King of the Jews?! The Magi arrive from the East to pay homage to...