Our mission

To help educators around the world teach children a Biblical faith.


How we got here

Back in 2012, our co-founder Curtis had an idea. He wanted to create biblically and historically accurate resources to help educators teach children a Biblical faith in a fun & engaging way. And he knew he had to share these resources with the world. Curtis teamed up with his now-wife Pip, and Bible Pathway Adventures® was born. What began as a storybook app with six Bible stories grew into illustrated Bible storybooks, videos and curriculum for parents, teachers and Homeschoolers.

Fast forward to 2019, Curtis and Pip decided to pack up their lives and move from New Zealand back to Canada. Since then, Bible Pathway Adventures® has continued to grow. They may have started Bible Pathway Adventures® at a dining table in New Zealand, but today Bible Pathway Adventures® resources are used in thousands of homes and schools around the world.

Missions is close to our heart. We partner with educators and organizations in Pakistan, Uganda, Kenya, India, Nigeria and the Philippines as part of our Classroom Pack program to provide teaching materials and classroom supplies at no cost. When you purchase Bible Pathway Adventures® Activity Books, we donate 10% of your order value to this Bible education program. Learn more about our education programs here.

Bible Pathway Adventures® wants to help you save time and leave a deep and lasting impact in childrens' lives. From no-prep lessons to fun classroom activities, we've got you covered! Whether you're a teacher, Homeschooler, children's ministry leader, or grandparent, we want to inspire YOU to share Biblical truth with the children in your life. Bible Pathway Adventures® is based in sunny Alberta, Canada. We do not represent any particular religious denomination, movement or political alignment.  

Meet the Founders

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