About Us

What is Bible Pathway Adventures?

As a parent, you want your kids to learn about the Bible, and establish a solid faith foundation for life. We get it. Our ministry is dedicated to providing biblically, historically and culturally accurate materials to help educators just like you teach children the biblical Faith. We're sharing our resources with you in the great hope they will teach your children truth, not tradition.

Who is behind Bible Pathway Adventures?

Our tools and resources are brought to life by a dedicated team of designers and illustrators – from around the world! Together with the team, founders Curtis and Pip Reid create Biblically accurate resources to be as fun and engaging as possible for the target age group. Our content is passed onto our talented illustrators and designers trained in how to best communicate to kids through art.

How did Bible Pathway Adventures start?

Bible Pathway Adventures began in 2012 when founders Curtis and Pip decided to create discipleship resources to help parents teach their children the Biblical faith. After all, discipleship starts at home! What began as a Bible storybook app quickly grew into storybooks, printables, and Activity Books. Since then, Bible Pathway Adventures has continued to grow, with word quickly spreading around the world. Today, our resources are available in English, Spanish, German, and French, and are used in thousands of homes and schools around the world.