Once upon a time in New Zealand...

Our Canadian-born founder Curtis, inspired by his 25 years of experience as a Bible teacher within the Body of Messiah, recognized the need for resources that help kids learn about the Biblical Faith in a historically, culturally and biblically accurate way. And he wanted to share these resources with the world. Curtis teamed up with his now-wife Pip, and Bible Pathway Adventures® was born. What began in 2012 as a Bible storybook app grew into a series of illustrated Bible storybooks, videos, and discipleship curriculum for schools, home, and fellowships.

Fast forward to 2019: we decided to pack up our lives in New Zealand, and move back to Canada with our beloved rescue pup, MJ. Since then, MJ has passed away, but Bible Pathway Adventures has continued to grow. We may have started Bible Pathway Adventures at a dining table in Wellington, but today, our resources are used in thousands of homes, schools, and fellowships around the world. These days you'll find us living in sunny Alberta, Canada with our happy rescue pup, Shofar. We love all things dogs and coffee! 🐾

Missions is close to our heart. We partner with educators in Pakistan, Uganda, Kenya, India, Nigeria and the Philippines as part of our Classroom Pack program to provide teaching materials and classroom supplies at no cost. When you purchase Bible Pathway Adventures® Activity Books, we donate 10% of your order value to this Bible education program. Learn more about our education programs here.

We want to help you save time and leave a deep and lasting impact in childrens' lives. From no-prep lessons to fun classroom activities, we've got you covered! Whether you're a teacher, Homeschooler, children's ministry leader, or grandparent, we want to inspire YOU to share Biblical truth with the children in your life. We do not represent any particular religious denomination, movement or political alignment.  

Curtis Reid

Bible Teacher & Founder // Curtis Reid is Bible Pathway Adventures' Canadian-born concept guy. Outside of an executive career in Canada, New Zealand and Australia, he has passionately studied and taught God’s Word for 30+ years. His mission is to help people dig deeper for the truth, and discover the incredible foundation of our faith. He has served on several overseas mission projects, leads the River Shabbat gathering and teaching ministry (The Donkey Speaks), and is the founder of the international discipleship platform, The Donkey Stable

Pip Reid

Curriculum Creator & Founder // The woman behind Bible Pathway Adventures®, Pip Reid, was born and raised on the Pacific coast of New Zealand. An early entrepreneurial spirit led her to work in Asia, where the start up spirit helped to spark the idea to create educational materials for children. Ten years later, after working for New Zealand’s largest educational publisher Learning Media, she founded Bible Pathway Adventures® with her now-husband, Curtis. Now based in Canada, they oversee this ministry that focuses on discipling children in the Body of Messiah. The Bible Pathway Adventures® series of Bible stories and Activity Books are published in English, Spanish and German, and are available in digital and paperback formats.

Thomas Barnett

Illustrator // Tom Barnett,owner of Barnett Studios, is an award-winning illustrator of comics and children's books, and the author of the beloved children's book series, “I brought a Hodag…” Inspired by Charles Shultz (of ‘Peanuts’ fame) from an early age, he has worked as a professional illustrator and cartoonist for over 10 years, illustrating for publishing companies, nationally syndicated magazines, independent publishers and self-published authors around the world. Tom lives in Wisconsin and is a proud member of the prestigious National Cartoonists Society, an organization that includes many of the USA’s best cartoonists and illustrators. He is the illustrator for the Bible Pathway Adventures® series of children's bible stories. 

Troy W. Hudson

Audio Production // Troy W. Hudson, the 'Voice of Bible Pathway Adventures' has been a voice-over artist and character voice actor for over 32 years. Based in South Carolina, he provides his worldwide clients with 'Voice Over with Personality'! This means he delivers messages with a heartfelt passion and strives to connect and communicate with his audience. Today, whether it’s high energy commercials, documentaries, that ‘guy next door’ sound, corporate or technical training lessons - Troy does them all. It’s a matter of breathing life into words and knowing it is magic and wonder for a child hearing a well-told story. As he puts it, if you’re going to tell a story “YOU have to believe!” Hear Troy’s demos and learn more at www.troywhudson.com