How did Bible Pathway Adventures start?

Back in 2012, we (Curtis and Pip), had an idea. We wanted to create discipleship resources to help parents and educators teach children a Biblical faith. And so, Bible Pathway Adventures® was born. What began as a Bible storybook app quickly grew into actual storybooks, printable materials, and Activity Books. Since then, Bible Pathway Adventures® has continued to grow. We've even packed up and moved from New Zealand all the way back to Canada! Today our resources are used in thousands of homes and schools, and available in English, Spanish, German and French

Missions is close to our heart. We make discipleship materials available to parts of the world who can't afford them. Partnering with fellowships in rural Pakistan, The Philippines, Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria, we provide Bible Pathway Adventures® resources free of charge. Learn more about our missions program here.

Bible Pathway Adventures® is based in sunny Alberta, Canada.

Meet the Team

Our materials come alive through the efforts of designers and illustrators from around the world. Curtis and Pip Reid join forces with this team to craft resources that are not only rooted in Biblical accuracy but also fun and engaging for kids ages 3-12. Pip devotes her time to designing educational content, which is then handed over to our talented team. These artists are trained at crafting compelling visuals that effectively communicate to children.

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About our Ministry

Whether you're a teacher, Homeschooler, children's ministry leader, or grandparent, we want to help YOU share Biblical truth with the children in your life. Bible Pathway Adventures® is a ministry dedicated to providing biblically & historically accurate materials to help educators just like you teach children a Biblical faith. We want to help you save time and leave a deep and lasting impact on their lives. From no-prep lessons to fun classroom activities, we've got you covered!

Bible Pathway Adventures® does not represent any particular religious denomination, movement or political alignment.  

Bible Pathway Adventures® and Defenders of the Faith® are registered trademarks of BPA Publishing Ltd.