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Fruit of the Spirit Activity Book for Beginners

Fruit of the Spirit Activity Book for Beginners takes kids ages 4-7 on a journey through the Fruit of the Spirit in a fun and creative way. With Bible stories...

Books of the Bible Activity Book

From Genesis to Revelation, Books of the Bible Activity Book is packed with 66 easy-to-use worksheets to help students learn the books of the Bible in a fun & engaging way. Coloring...

Weekly Torah Portion Activity Book

Our Weekly Torah Portion Activity Book takes children on a journey from Genesis to Deuteronomy. Discover Bible history, Israelite culture, and famous Bible stories that help children discover the foundation...

The Exodus Activity Book

Freed from Pharaoh's reign in Egypt, Moses leads His people into the wilderness to learn God's Ways. The journey is tough. Raging seas, fearsome enemies, awesome giants... But God is...

Parables of the Messiah Activity Book

Yeshua (Jesus) was a wonderful storyteller. His simple parables helped people everywhere understand the scriptures in a fun and engaging way. Our collection of fifteen Bible parable units invites children...

Learning Hebrew: The Alphabet Activity Book

Looking for a fun and easy way to teach your children the Hebrew alphabet? Our Learning Hebrew: The Alphabet activity book is the perfect tool to help you teach your...

100 Bible Quizzes Activity Book

Let’s step back in time and learn about the Bible! How old was Noah when the flood began? What is the Armor of God? Who betrayed Yeshua for 30 pieces of...

Fruit of the Spirit Activity Book

This nine-module Fruit of the Spirit Activity Book for kids ages 6-12 helps students explore the fruit of the spirit through interactive bible lessons, fun activities, puzzles, and coloring pages -...

Moses and the Ten Plagues Activity Book

Our most popular Bible story Activity Book! After years of slavery in Egypt, the Hebrews cry out to God to save them. And God knows the right man for the...

BUNDLE: Bible Quiz & Word Search Activity Books

How old was Noah when he entered the Ark? Who was sold into slavery and became ruler of Egypt? Increase your Bible knowledge with our bundle of 200 Bible Quiz...