Join us in helping children around the world learn a Biblical faith

It began with a single Classroom Pack in February 2019. Now we provide Classroom Packs to fellowships and missions around the world, allowing leaders to start children’s programs within their fellowship and wider community. By helping these children learn a Biblical faith, we can impact the next generation.

What is a Classroom Pack?

A Classroom Pack gives partners the tools they need to teach children a Biblical faith in a fun and creative way. Each Classroom Pack includes a printer, ink cartridges, paper packs, and boxes of coloring pens. Plus, free access to Bible Pathway Adventures curriculum of Activity Books. Rather than shipping supplies, we provide partners with funds to purchase a Classroom Pack in-country. Nothing makes us happier than seeing children enthusiastically learning the Word of God!

How does it work?

Partner Connections

Fellowships and mission organizations are identified through partner connections. We love working with organizations who desire to educate children in the Father’s Ways.


Needs are discussed and a suitable Classroom Pack designed for use in their local fellowship and wider community


Because each Classroom Pack costs $600, organizations are added to a wait list. Once we’ve raised the funds (with your help), these are then sent to the organization to purchase a printer and supplies in-country. They can have a Classroom Pack up and running in less than a week!


Bible Pathway Adventures' educational materials are sent via email, printed in-country, and used to teach children in a variety of settings, including fellowships, orphanages, community halls, and schools. The impact of having just one printer can ripple through a community, touching thousands of children.

Classroom Packs in action

  • Ruperto’s story

    Ruperto Villas Verona runs Camp 14, a ministry based in the Philippines. He and his team provide practical help and Sabbath services to the community. After seeing the great work Ruperto was doing, we reached out to offer a Classroom Pack and our catalog of Tagalog Teacher Packs. With access to so many resources in their native language, Ruperto was able to start a children’s program. Local parents are now seeing the children learning the bible in a fun and creative way, and are enrolling their children in classes.

  • Cletus’ story

    Cletus Okoro Okpo is part of the Church of God, a fellowship based in Nigeria. Their community includes hundreds of children, all hungry to learn God’s Word. With the Spring Feasts fast approaching, we offered Cletus’ fellowship a Classroom Pack, allowing them to create a children’s program for this special Appointed Time.

  • Paominlen’s story

    Paominlen Khongsai runs a small fellowship in Saikul Hill Town, North-East India. For years they have taught children stories from the Bible. We designed a Classroom Pack for Paominlen’s fellowship, which included a printer and supplies, plus our English Teacher Packs and preschool activity books. Today, Paominlen has the resources he needs to not only teach his own fellowship but support other communities in his area to create their own children’s programs.