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Paquete Regreso a Clases

Paquete Regreso a Clases

Este paquete incluye 9 libros de actividades descargables en formato PDF.

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Back to School BUNDLE {ESPAÑOL}

Everything you need to kick off the school year! This back to school bundle contains 9 of our best-selling resources at a special 25% discount. Includes EVERYTHING you need to teach kids a Biblical faith throughout the school year.

Save yourself hours of prep time and get back your nights and weekends with this collection of creative and engaging lesson plans and activities that make learning fun for your kids – and teaching fun for you! These books are designed for 3rd to 6th graders.

Detalles de producto

Este paquete incluye 9 libros de actividades en español:

Libro de actividades del fruto del espíritu: Includes no-prep lessons and activities to help kids learn about the Fruit of the Spirit, and how to demonstrate Godly character.

Libro de actividades de 100 cuestionarios de la Biblia: Packed with a mix of engaging Bible quizzes to help kids learn about the people, places, and events of the Bible.

Sopas de letras de la Biblia: Libro de actividades: Includes 100 brain teaser puzzles from the Bible’s most famous stories. A great way to increase Bible vocabulary and activate kid's minds!

Libro de actividades de las historias favoritas de la Biblia: Packed with 70 coloring worksheets to send kids on an adventure back in time. Quiz questions will help them remember what they’ve learned.

Libro de actividades del apóstol Pablo: From the stoning of Stephen to Paul’s shipwreck on the island of Malta, kids will love learning about the life of Paul in a fun and engaging way. Includes no-prep lessons and activities.

Libro de actividades de los viajes del apóstol Pablo: Packed with Bible quizzes, maps, fun worksheets and coloring pages to help you introduce kids to the early church and the crucial role Paul played in spreading the gospel.

Libro de actividades de los milagros de la Biblia: Get kids excited about Bible learning! Includes no-prep lesson plans and activities, coloring pages and puzzles to help them learn about the miracles that God performed.

Libro de actividades de las parábolas del Mesías: A fun resource that brings the Bible's most famous parables to life! This book offers a wealth of activities to foster learning and exploration. Includes no-prep lessons and activities.

Libro de actividades de los discípulos: Kids will love exploring the life of Yeshua and His 12 disciples with The Disciples Activity Book. They'll discover their stories and learn about the influence these men had on the early Church. Includes no-prep lessons and activities.

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