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12 Tribes of Israel Memory & Match Cards

12 Tribes of Israel Memory & Match Cards

★★★★★ (Reviews)
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Experience a fun and interactive way to teach children about the 12 Tribes of Israel with our memory & and match card games! These fun and simple games are perfect for helping children learn the names of the twelve tribes of Israel (Numbers 1) and Jacob's blessing (Genesis 49). Children will grow their Biblical knowledge by matching each son with his blessing and each tribe with its banner, while engaging in an enjoyable game format.

This printable resource includes color and black & white versions, depending on which cards you want to print. Print the black & white versions to save on ink and for children to color. Cut out the cards and laminate for extra durability. This book includes 38 pages designed for 3rd through 6th graders. 

What you’ll get…

  • Game instructions for memory & match cards
  • Color memory cards: 12 tribes of Israel
  • Black & white memory cards: 12 tribes of Israel
  • Color match cards: 12 tribes of Israel
  • Black & white match cards: 12 tribes of Israel
  • Coloring worksheets: Jacob's blessing
  • Color match cards: Jacob’s blessing (Genesis 49)
  • Black & white match cards: Jacob’s blessing (Genesis 49)
  • Scripture references for easy Bible verse look-up
  • Original Bible Pathway Adventures® illustrations
The banners and images represent each son of Jacob or tribe of Israel (Genesis 49 and Numbers 1):
  • Reuben
  • Simeon
  • Judah
  • Zebulun
  • Issachar
  • Dan
  • Gad
  • Asher
  • Naphtali
  • Benjamin
  • Ephraim
  • Manasseh

(plus Levi and Joseph)

Please note: This is a digital product. You will not receive a physical product in the mail. Instead, you will receive access to the digital file, allowing you to print the activity pages immediately.

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"This. Is. AWESOME. What a load of amazing content! My 8-year-old was ecstatic! We will be back for more...we are just so happy! Glory to God!"

Aaron, USA

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These quizzes and word searches are so much fun and there are so many options! Such a good deal! This book has beautiful colours, and the illustrations are also brilliant! I've bought for my children and they love it! Thank you for bring the Kingdom for them.
Angelica, USA

I love this book and will be back to get some more. My family love it too. It was very informative we had a ball during Hanukkah with this game. Thanks, great job!
Sharon, USA

Thank you very much for this tool, it helps me to better educated my children as well as see what they know when reading scripture.
Kim, USA

These workbooks are the absolute best! Our children love them & have so much fun using them to learn Torah!
Jerry, USA

“I love the catalogue and have ordered some books for our grandchildren. We keep the sabbath and always try to do an activity around the Torah portion with our grand daughter. Thank you for your amazing books, and for making it so much easier for us. We truly appreciate and know the love that has gone into it.”
Maggel, South Africa

Our family has begun to study Hebrew. These worksheets were the perfect addition to our studies!
Crystal, USA

Our young children love these worksheets! Our family is slowing reading the Old Testament together, & we are currently reading about Noah's Ark. These worksheets were perfect for helping them really grasp what we are reading while having a blast learning about Noah's Ark. They are retaining so much more info/facts about the passage since starting these worksheets. As we move on to the next storyline in our Bible study journey, we'll definitely be back to buy coordinating worksheets for our kids!
Jerry and Crystal, USA

This was exactly what we were searching for when we set out looking for Biblical themed worksheets for our homeschooled Kindergarten! We love the layout of the worksheets. They include uppercase & lowercase letters to trace & a place for your littles to practice writing their letters on their own. We love that it also includes a Bible verse & small picture to color. We also like that since the workbook is downloaded when purchased, we can print off the workbook again when our younger littles enter Kindergarten too. We can't wait to check out all the other workbooks from this shop as they all look great!
Jerry and Crystal, USA

I love the illustration and the details that went into creating these pages. This is such a fun way to understand and learn the bible history. I'm a homeschool parent who is so grateful that I know longer have to create worksheets. Also this content is relevant for any age group there is so much to learn discuss and have fun throughout Thank you so much I so much appreciate you!!!
Miriam, USA

Love this resource as I teach through the Apostle Paul!
Joanna, USA

This. Is. AWESOME. What a load of amazing content! My 8-year-old was ecstatic! We will be back for more...we are just so happy! Glory to God!
Aaron, USA

I just downloaded the "Paul's Journeys Activity Book" and I have to say, I am VERY IMPRESSED! It is an excellent resource! Thank you for your effort in putting this together. It is much appreciated by myself and will be by my children as well! We educate at home and it is a perfect resource to go with our study of Ancient Greece and Paul in Greece. Thanks again! 
Rachel, USA

Just saying … I LOVE Bible Pathway Adventures!!! Your printable activity pages are designed in B&W with just a bit of color - making them SO EASY to print, no matter what kind of printer equipment you have!! I also love the way you “dive deep” on the activity pages - depending on the age. You put a lot of research and creativity into those activities, often allowing the kids to dig into the background material of the lesson with you. Just LOVE that!! THANK YOU for going above and beyond for kids learning the Scriptures!!! 
Barb, USA

Thank you so much!!! Again, I’m so beyond thankful for your ministry & its mission to teach kids — in a very relatable way — the *entire* Word of God! The depth of your curriculum is so refreshing and I seriously did a happy dance when I found your site. All too often the curriculum I found, focused most of the attention on the New Testament without giving the Old Testament the time and respect it deserves! Please, keep up the awesome work! I’ve been blessed by it so much already... & my kids & I haven’t even started on it yet! 
Leah, USA

I want to say that I absolutely love what you do at Bible Pathway Adventures. My family are blessed beyond measure because of your dedication to creating resources for children.
Huldah, CA

Good afternoon, I would like to say THANK YOU for creating the Bible pathway adventures children stories.  I am a new Sunday school teacher and the lesson have been amazing and my little kids love them.  I was wondering if you will be producing more animated stories in the near future?  My Sunday school kids cannot get enough of the stories and they have help me learn more about the stories as well.  We have been using your activity books for a few months now and I just saw on the website there can be a discount for bulk books. I am very keen to buy bulk for a discount! My boys love these and I just want to express my appreciation for the activities you provide. When I found Bible Pathways, I was so excited as I struggle personally to come up with teaching ideas and there is little other activities that aren't secular. I love these myself for teaching even about the Feasts and Holy days, especially as we come up to Passover and ULB. 
Natalie-Anne, USA

First, I would like to say thank you! For the fantastic and wonderfully job you guys have done. It has been a Tremendously blessing in our family! With 4 children, to find material that we can work with that illustrates our the feasts of God, etc. Thank you all so much!!!
Vicky, USA

I love the material I am seeing and expect to be coming back often to augment my children’s ministry material. I appreciate that you have made the material more authentic with dark skinned characters; especially right now with the spotlight on the unjust treatment of people of color. I was working on a lesson for Balaam and was acutely aware of the portrayal of very white characters. I am a recently retired technology project manager and volunteer children’s ministry leader for the past 30 plus years.  
Marian, USA

I love what you have been doing with Bible Pathway Adventures. It has helped Me with my homeschool children for at least 10 years!  
Julia, USA

I recently downloaded your Fruit of the Spirit Activity book from Teachers pay Teachers. I am sure you've received a very positive response to the materials but I wanted to add my thanks for all you've put together in this book.  I work with a refugee community of faith helping the parents teach their children God's Word.  Some of the parents are converts from Islam but many of them are believers with generations of Christian history, mostly Orthodox and Catholic backgrounds.  Thank you for putting so much thought into the material, especially the illustrations!  Seeing Paul drawn as more Egyptian than Norse is wonderful.  Not only are the illustrations more accurate in depicting the people in their time and geography, but it makes the history and parables more relatable to these children whose families come from Eritrea, a country on the Red Sea. Thank you for your commitment to sharing God's Word and helping others do the same! 
Amanda, OH

I just love your products! I am teaching the wonderful Life of Joseph - and find your resources to be just great for my needs and my class. Thank you so much! You have been an answer to prayer for me! Thank you!! 
Barb, USA

This site that you created is awesome. I love it and most importantly my kids love it. We do it on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. Well if their any way to do something special for you just let me know. I would do anything to help my kids. 
Jaliyah, USA

After all my daughter does religious every other day even though she’s 5 months, but I want her to learn about the lord before she even knows what’s happening in her surroundings. My niece and nephew are 6 and 4 years of age and if I did not tell their parents about Bible Pathways Adventures, they probably would be not interested in the bible. Now this is all they want to do. May the lord give you endless blessings. 
Jaliyah, USA

This material is beautifully produced and came at just the right time! It was the perfect resource for our Sunday school teachers to use with their classes via video conference. The parents printed up the activity pages at home. Even though my own teens are older than the published ages, they enjoyed the word search and other activities during our family Bible study time. The review questions provided good springboards for our conversations too. I also appreciated that the authors and illustrators honored the origins of the Biblical accounts by depicting the people in the stories as Middle Easterners; no blond-haired, blue-eyed characterizations in this material. With activities ranging from coloring pages and word finds to research and writing projects, this book offers teachers and parents a variety of options allowing them to tailor their individual classes (we used it with PreK through 5th grade). With all the material they've included, I am confident we could reuse this same curriculum with the children as they move through the different classes and not repeat the activities. This was thoughtfully prepared (easy prep for the teacher) and is a lot of fun to use.
Amanda, USA

Thank you for the wonderful work you do here. I have a website where I try to help others find crafts, activities, stories for Torah portions, and Yeshua. It was so refreshing finding your website - I've included links to your webpage on various activities. Thank you again. This is an awesome collection of quizzes for the children! We review them on the Shabbat and I reward them with prizes! The illustrations are very nice and the content is taken directly from THE BOOK! This has simplified my task to prepare to teach them so much. I have even gained more knowledge as we work through them together. Thank you! 
Danys, USA

This is in truth an answer to my prayer. I always asked Adonai to teach me from a Hebraic perspective. Then my granddaughter came along and I wanted to start her early and now at 6 she loves your website and has learned much from it. This past Hanukkah she was singing the prayers from a children's site. I am grateful for the amazing support and resources of the Truth Adonai has given us. May He make you an everlasting pleasure in His sight.
Doreen, USA

We have three little ones and one on the way so we are always searching for good teaching material. We often end up creating material because there just isn't a lot of stuff that shows scripture in it's true light. What you all do is amazing! 
Rick, USA

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, but more importantly, to give thanks to Yahuwah for placing it on your heart to create this page for the children. It was such a blessing and a thrill to see historically correct information for the children. I love everything that I have seen and I have shared it with my friends. All praises to Yahuwah my Elohim for leading me to this website. Thank you all for your hard work. 
Jamie, USA

This is amazing. Your tools are invaluable to my class, my family, and to myself!
Eric, USA

Nothing like this on earth. I am 41 and loving the style.
Alexander, MX

I want to congratulate you for the beautiful work you are doing spreading the Word of God. This site has helped us a lot in preparing classes for our children's Bible school. I publicize your work on my blog and Facebook page of biblical youth school and shared the link of this site so that many other teachers and parents can teach children in a fun and creative way. Once again I want to congratulate you for this work. 
Lucia, Portugal

Quero estar parabenizando vocês pelo belíssimo trabalho que estão fazendo na divulgação da palavra de Deus. Esse site tem nos ajudado muito na preparação de aulas para nossa escola bíblica infantil. Fiz divulgação do trabalho de vocês no meu blog e página do facebook de escola biblica infanto juvenil e compartilhei o link desse site para que muitos outros professores e pais possam estar ensinando de forma bem lúdica e divertida aos nossos pequenos. Mais uma vez quero parabenizá-los por essa obra. Que o Senhor os abençoe. 
Lucia, Portugal

I appreciate the authenticity of your illustrations. This is a blessing trying to educate my two young ones.
Rise Yehudi, USA

This is a great series. My grandchildren look forward to having individual chapters read to them while they are getting ready for bed. They are really excited about the information that you have provided for Bible study.
Mike, USA

Continue on spreading the truth. BPA illustrations make me smile. No matter what I'm going through whenever I see one of them I just feel better. Thank you for giving us something joyful to look at.

We look forward to having our own children soon and using your materials to help raise and teach them!! Please keep doing what you do. My kids love this stuff! I downloaded a few of the audio to ties and now when the kids get into the car they immediately ask to listen to them lol! Think one of them almost had them memorised!
Grant, UK

I love the stories and the fact that we can introduce our children to our history and the people actually look like us. Great concept!
Tamar, CA

You have no idea how well you do!!! I was looking for material on God's word to teach my niece and nephews. Thank you so much, I pray that you (pip) and your members of this ministry will be blessed and that your coast enlarged and that God's righteous right hand be with you, that you all not suffer.
James, USA

Just a little thank you from us to you for all of the fabulous work that you do... you touch many children's lives with your wonderful ministry. My boys absolutely love your works and I will be today printing out a booklet of colouring in and adventure puzzles for kids so that my eldest son can continue his ministry in his classroom at school. All thanks to the tools you have provided. CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH for the generous time and effort you put into this. Blessings upon your house.
Jody, Australia

Thank you for your beautiful work that inspires my 5yr old to read and TEACH her friends bible stories!! If WE don't teach our children to follow Jesus the world will show them reasons not to. 
Layla, USA

This is just lovely work for our Father that you are doing! May Yah rain down blessings here. All praise and joy given to Yeshua, our Messiah.
I Love all the Bible stories.. it sure makes me feel like a kid again with so much animation ..and most of all, true events coming Bible Pathway Adventures!
David, USA

This so exciting to be able to have access to the free printables. This helps me a lot, and will help my 6yr old Grandson, who is asking questions about God, I want him to have fun getting to know God and His word, this will be so good. 
Jude, USA

After microscopically checking out their website, I feel 100% confident about purchasing their products and incorporating them into our homeschooling plan! So glad to find others who are passionate about helping our young'ns learn about Abba and Messiah!! 
Michelle, USA

Using your material for my home school Biblical curriculum, BEST flood story ever! My kids begged for me to finish the story today, but I told them they had to wait. Thank you! Can't wait to hear the other stories throughout our school year. 
Dandi, USA

I'm so excited to see that a children's ministry is willing to search and teach the truth. Blessings to y'all, and prayers for the truth to be revealed and sought by parents and children.
Tammy Neal, USA