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Learning Hebrew: Around the Home Activity Book for Beginners (PDF)

Learning Hebrew: Around the Home Activity Book for Beginners (PDF)

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Here’s an easy way to teach your children how to write and pronounce Hebrew words for household items. From bed to bath to knife to fork, there are 23 Hebrew words to teach them. Plus, plenty of opportunities to practice writing and speaking what they’ve learned. Fun Bible facts and pictures help engage kids and teach them how the ancient Israelites lived. Flashcards, tracing and coloring activities help reinforce learning.

This book isn't just an educational tool; it's a bridge connecting young minds to the richness of biblical language and stories. This PDF is 67 pages designed for Beginner Hebrew language learners.

This book is designed to build on the foundation laid in our Hebrew Alphabet Activity Book. We created both books to help you teach your children Hebrew language basics.

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Understanding Hebrew will help kids gain an increased Biblical understanding and a deeper love for the people of the Bible. 

What you'll get:

  • The Hebrew Alphabet chart (PDF) featuring pictograph, paleo, and modern Hebrew
  • Original Bible Pathway Adventures® illustrations
  • Fun Bible facts to increase Bible knowledge
  • Household items FLASHCARDS featuring Hebrew, transliteration, and English names
  • Hebrew TRACING worksheets featuring Hebrew names and coloring activities
  • Hebrew coloring & writing worksheets featuring Bible facts, a pronunciation guide, niqqud (vowels), transliteration and English names for house, stove, knife, fork, spoon, bowl, cup, clock, fridge, sink, basket, towel, clothes hanger, bed, pillow, mirror, bookshelf, chair, table, couch, rug, key, and computer

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