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Bible Pathway Adventures

Torah Time Traveler Activity Book for Beginners: Volume 2 (paperback)

Torah Time Traveler Activity Book for Beginners: Volume 2 (paperback)

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Teach your children the foundation of their faith with this 13-lesson Bible study! 

This Activity Book takes kids ages 4-7 on a wonderful journey through 13 incredible Old Testament stories, starting with A wife for Isaac in Genesis 24 to Joseph rises to power in Genesis 46. Each Bible story comes with a ready-to-use lesson plan, six creative and engaging activities and a Certificate of Achievement, making learning fun for kids and teaching fun for you! 

Children will begin their learning journey with the famous stories of Isaac & Rebekah and Jacob & Esau. They'll learn about Isaac blessing Jacob, Jacob's marriages to Leah and Rachel, meet Jacob’s children, and witness Jacob’s daring escape from Laban. Following these events, they'll watch Jacob's famous wrestle with God, his reunion with Esau, and the dreams of Joseph. Finally, kids will trace Joseph's journey from being sold into slavery, through his service in Potiphar’s house, and his rise to power in the land of Egypt.

This Activity Book is part of a 52-week curriculum designed to teach K-2 children the stories of the Old Testament, one story at a time. 

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Paperback: 146 pages
Size: 8.5" x 11"
ISBN: 9781998142064
Weight:  0.84 lbs


    Book description

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    This planned-for-you curriculum designed for K-2 students can be used in a classroom or Homeschooling setting - you choose!

    Torah Time Traveler Activity Book for Beginners (Volume 2) includes:

    • 13 ready-to-use lesson plans that include lesson introductions, key vocabulary reviews, Bible memory verses, kid-friendly Bible stories, discussion questions, fun Bible facts, and engaging activities to reinforce student learning and increase Bible knowledge
    • 110+ activity pages in print format (8.5" x 11") - you choose which are best for your child!
    • Detailed scripture references for easy Bible verse look-up
    • Printable Certificate of Award 
    • Original Bible Pathway Adventures® illustrations
    • Answer key for guidance and clarity

    Weekly Bible lessons include:

    • Week 14: A wife for Isaac
    • Week 15: Jacob and Esau
    • Week 16: Isaac blesses Jacob
    • Week 17: Jacob’s ladder
    • Week 18: Jacob marries Leah and Rachel
    • Week 19: Jacob’s children
    • Week 20: Jacob escapes from Laban
    • Week 21: Jacob wrestles with God
    • Week 22: Jacob and Esau reunite
    • Week 23: Joseph the dreamer
    • Week 24: Sold into slavery
    • Week 25: Joseph works for Potiphar
    • Week 26: Joseph rises to power

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