What was the Tabernacle in the wilderness?

The tabernacle was a sacred place where God met the Israelites during the forty years they lived in the desert. It represented His throne on the earth and symbolized His dwelling among His people. It was here the Israelites came together to worship God and offer sacrifices. The tabernacle was a tent-like structure covered by animal skins surrounded by a white linen fence.

The tabernacle itself was divided into two places – the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies – and only the priests could enter these areas. All the furniture in the Holy Place was made of gold, just as God instructed. It was the job of the Levites to carry the tabernacle and set it up wherever the Israelites pitched camp. When the Levites erected the tabernacle, they placed it in the center of the camp. Moses, Aaron, and the priests camped on the east side next to the entrance, and the other tribes of Israel were grouped into four camps around the tabernacle’s outer fence.

Read Exodus 26:1-31:18. Can you answer the questions below?

  1. What was the purpose of the tabernacle?
  2. Which two men were put in charge of building the tabernacle?
  3. What oil was used to keep the lamps burning in the tabernacle?
  4. What was the purpose of the brazen altar?
  5. Where was the mercy seat located?

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