Is there any evidence of Noah's Ark?

In 1959, a Turkish army captain made a fascinating discovery while examining aerial photographs of eastern Turkey. He saw an unusual, boat-shaped object bigger, than a football field, high up in the Mountains of Ararat near the border with Iran. This object was almost as big as a battleship and nearly all of it was under the ground. It had pointed ends, like the front parts of a ship.  

An American team first explored it, but then people forgot about it. In 1978, an earthquake revealed more of the object, and it caught people's attention again. A new team of archaeologists took a closer look and measured it. They found it was 515 feet long, about 300 cubits, with an average width of 50 cubits. Intriguingly, these dimensions exactly match those of Noah's Ark as described in the Bible (Genesis 6:15).

Not far from there, in a village called Kazan, something else was found – thirteen huge anchor stones. Each stone weighed several tons and was between six to ten feet tall. Scientists identified these stones were special anchors called drogue stones, used by ships in ancient times. They would be tied to a ship with ropes and helped keep the ship steady in rough water. The idea was to make sure the front of the ship always faced the waves so it wouldn’t tip over. These stones being found near Kazan is super interesting because if they were from Noah's Ark, their huge size makes sense!

What do you think? Has Noah's Ark been discovered in Turkey?

An object shaped like Noah's Ark in Noah's Ark National Park in Turkey.

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