Where did Solomon build his ships?

King Solomon built a fleet of ships at Ezion-geber, a seaport on the Red Sea's eastern shore, right at the edge of Edomite land. This seaport was like a busy crossroads that connected the Middle East to the rest of the world. Goods from faraway places like Africa, India, and the Far East traveled through Ezion-geber. Its perfect spot made it the most important port in the area. Ezion-geber was not just a place for trade; it was also a strong fortress. Its walls were made to keep the city safe from attacks on land, and its many ships kept watch over the Red Sea.

For a long time, people thought the ancient city of Ezion-geber was at a place called Tel el-Kheleifeh (or Elat). But, the old things found there were from a time after Solomon was king. Another spot, the port of Jezirat Faraun, was also guessed to be the ancient city. But, because it's on the Red Sea's western coast (usually thought of as the Egyptian side) and because there wasn't enough evidence, experts couldn't be sure it was the right place. Nowadays, some experts think the ancient Ezion-geber might be under the modern port of Aqaba in Jordan. But, because it would cost a lot to close or move the port to dig and look for it, we might never discover the ancient city of Ezion-geber.

Read the article. Answer the questions below:

1. Where do you think Ezion-geber is located? 

2. What do you think archaeologists need to find to prove the existence of Ezion-geber?


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